I Did It!! & Pain Update

Food update:

Guys…I did it…I made it another month on Phase 1 of the Balancing Body Chemistry Food Plan. I was dreading another month, but I actually really needed it.

I needed the extra month to completely reset my mentality. The first 2.5 weeks I was counting down the days before my next appointment hoping to get the green light to move onto Phase 2. Let’s face it, I was tired physically and mentally. A complete diet overhaul was a shock to my body and my psyche. In the first 2.5 weeks, my body had barely gotten used to the change. And, my psyche was SO OVER IT. I was drained.

But, after another month – for a total of 6.5 weeks – my body and my psyche had adapted. So, when I went in for my appointment last week, I actually didn’t care whether or not I was advised to continue with Phase 1 or move onto Phase 2. In fact, since my pain was back and thriving, I was pretty sure he would tell me to continue on Phase 1. As we were walking out of the room after my appointment, I realized that we had not gone over diet. I quickly mentioned continuing Phase 1.

He replied, “You can start incorporating foods from Phase 2.”

Mixed emotions. Was I happy? Was I overwhelmed? What does “start incorporating foods from Phase 2” even mean? One food at a time? One new food per day? I tend to overthink anyway, and this response had me wanting to ask SO MANY QUESTIONS. I didn’t want to get anything wrong. I didn’t want to jeopardize any potential healing. And, then, I decided that I would do my best to ease back into Phase 2 foods while listening to my body. Even though he’s crazy smart and knows so much about the human body, I have to be able to listen and adapt to what my body is telling me. I don’t want to rely on him forever.

On my way home from my appointment, I bought some apples 🙂

Pain update:

The last month was a struggle. My pain was back. And, I was sleeping poorly again because of it.

I was told during my previous appointment that I could start weight training and hill walking. I had already been walking regularly, so I was pretty sure that it was the weight training that was causing the pain to flare back up. That, and the fact that I had started taking fewer supplements because I was running out (oops, my bad :P).

When I went in for my appointment last week, the doctor confirmed that I was doing too many reps per weight training exercise. (I was doing 30 reps per exercise as I had previously done in physical therapy. He said I should only be doing 6…awesome -_-) And, He appreciated me owning up to the fact that I should have stopped by to pick up more supplements when I started running low instead of reducing my dosages.

It’s been a week since my appointment; and, so, a week since I have started taking all of my supplements again. I am feeling less pain and am finally getting some decent sleep. I have not done any weight training for about a week since I left town the day after my appointment; and, to be honest, I’m a little anxious to start that up again. But, I’m sure I will any day now. Fingers are crossed that I can manage some weight training without a flare-up.

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