Hi! My name is Deanna and I have been suffering from chronic pain for over two years. That about sums the “About Me” section. Kidding. But really, IT has been all-consuming for the last couple years that it is hard to think there was anything going on beforehand.

In case you want a little beforehand, here it is – I currently live in Southern California after living in France for 3 years. I finally got my husband and our toddler away from the gray skies of Paris back to my hometown. Something about having a baby makes being far away from family so much harder.

Before living in France, I had a a typical college experience…I earned a degree and everything 😉 I even went back to school to get my Master’s after taking a semester off for my move abroad, my wedding, and my honeymoon. And before college, I had a typical high school experience and so on and so on. That’s enough of that.

Now for the current stuff –  For the past two years, I have been suffering from chronic “sciatic-like” pain. Anyone who has dealt with sciatica or knows someone who has…I have lived your pain. I, fortunately, do not have sciatica. I, fortunately, FINALLY found a doctor to give me a proper diagnosis. And this diagnosis means I will be making major changes to my lifestyle. Luckily for me, I have a personal chef (*cough* husband *cough*) that will make these changes a little easier. Stay tuned for some amazing recipes.